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The pounding of millions of feet began to shake the earth. Every step of the march was synchronized. This wasn't a normal army. Something from the grotto had military experience of some kind. This army was any general's wet dream. Tireless, synchronized, and deadly. If I was to lead a force, this would be the type of force I would want. Their supply line existed to replace ruined equipment. Their presence drained an area of spirit energy. Worst of all their numbers were in the millions.

I tried to use my mana for cultivation again. As the energy moved through my body, I felt something went wrong. Jerking upright, I opened my mouth and dry heaved. A pint of blood erupted from my throat as my body pushed my mana out. Lighting my pipe, I tried to recover. The spiritual energy from the herbs merged with my cultivation and helped it slightly. It didn't raise my stage but, I could cultivate it. My mana quickly recovered.

"There are no easy methods to cultivation." Lazarus said. I sighed and nodded to his wisdom. If anyone understood that it would be a guy at palace formation. "Most of the forces have pa.s.sed over us. Only the reserve and the supply line remain. We could make a break for the farmhouse."

"Yea, it only took four days for the main force to pa.s.s over us. How many could be in reserve?" The minotaur snorted.

"Great, I'll lead the way. Hopefully, you can drag me in if things get hairy." I said and pried the iron wood boards off the door frame.

The door opened revealing a blackened h.e.l.l scape where there once was a farm. Black, purple, and red flowers sprung up around the area. Unlike the spirit plants these flowers seemed to derive power from the undeath qi covering the place. In the spirit rice fields was a grove of trees. Their fruit were in the shape of heads of various animals. Currently, the head of the dairy cows grew from the trees. When the cow head saw us, it began to moo in earnest.

Squads of zombies broke off and began to jog in our direction hands on their weapons. "Human slave, if you comply with us freedom is yours if you join the monster lord sect." I blinked; I had no loyalty to the black moon sect but I'm not one to change a good plan. Even with this army there was no guarantee it would win against the black moon sect.

I pointed my palm at them. Dragon breath filled my qi pathways and I cycled it to my palm before releasing it in a horizontal cyclone of destruction. Orange flames launched out twisting like a fire tornado. The zombies stood there shocked before the flames. .h.i.t them and quickly reduced them to ash. I pulled my hand back as black qi rose from the zombies and flew towards my chest. The wyrmling happily used the remaining flames in the qi pathways to absorb the black qi. Only trace amounts of the undead qi and dragon fire qi remained in my pathways. Slowly, both were broken down into spirit energy and added to my cultivation.

Unfortunately, my actions weren't the right dec

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