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Thunder's hooves pounded against the ground as I led our wagon train down the mountains to Low Port. I was the first over a hill revealing a ma.s.sive valley down below. The cent of sea water was heavy in the air and down near the ocean was Low Port.

Low Port was clearly a bustling city filled with all manner of cultivator. Wagon trains filled with supplies were making their way to the city. Whole farms delivered their harvests to the city in hopes of gaining refuge from the coming invasion. The line of centaurs at the entrance of the city was unreal. Tents covered the valley as they waited for entry.

The smell of blood was heavy as animals were slaughtered and processed by the city authorities. "Don't bother with the line. We're cutting through. I'm Lazarus Chu my clan leads this city. We will get in there is not doubt." As we entered the valley a familiar aura lanced out from the city and suddenly Od's eyes were upon me. I knew her presence as I knew my own heartbeat. Instead of shrinking away from it, I flared my qi producing a white aura. Immediately, a beam of light flashed in from the high towers behind Low Port's walls.

Od had returned, she hovered there her hooves at eye level. Her coat was black as midnight and pristine. Even her cultivation had grown. She was now in mid core formation instead of the peak of low.

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Od's skin had become a healthy grey color. Instead of the normal bra, she wore a deep blue robe that covered her from head to her tail. It draped across her flank and lazily billowed in the wind. A belt was tied around her midsection and waist holding the robe in place. It failed to hide Od's monumental bust or the width of her hips before they connected with her horse half. When her qi leapt from its tight control and surrounded me separating me from my traveling companions, I felt like I'd returned home. The collar around my neck buzzed with appreciation.

If she noticed my collar had been tampered with, she didn't show it. After seeing Lazarus and Hertha, Od took on a haughty air. "I'm thankful to the Chu clan. For returning my property to me, I offer any in your party not of the rank of outer sect disciple a chance to compete in the trials. Should you succeed you will become outer sect disciples." Come slave take hold of this rope so I may carry you to my room." She tossed Lazarus and Hertha jade slips before taking holding a silk rope.

I felt like a fish on a hook. The carried me with ease away from the crowded rowdy valley behind Low Port's walls and to her tower. She tossed me on a giant sleeping cus.h.i.+on before casually trotting to the cus.h.i.+on before laying down on it. Her blue robe stretched as she looked at me with deep brown eyes.

"I told you to return to the farm. Instead you continued to Low Port. Because of that you are in unparalleled danger." Her words were matter of fact. There was a look in her eyes wild and manic. Perhaps, it was her nature as a centaur or s

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