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Atlan was a centauress who worked diligently in the library. Angry servants of the Chu and w.a.n.g clans rushed in and demanded she find information on the undead army approaching the city. Yet even as her fellow centaurs made demands, Atlan kept her cool. She merely flipped through the card catalogue and found the scroll the sect member wanted. With a flip of her wrist she tossed the delicate scrolls to their respective renters then continued her work.

This was the scene Od and I came upon as we entered the library. After ridding herself of the nuisances, Atlan returned to her true mission. She went through scroll after ancient scroll copying them with a magic and placed the copies on her shelves. She continued this practice floor after floor. Even the most rotted scroll some written on the scales of dragons were quickly copied and added to the shelves.

Od coughed lightly. So, immersed into her work Atlan jumped kicking her hind legs out and flying up b.u.mping her head against the floor above her. Od chuckled lightly and swished her tail about. Od was comfortable around this person. That might have been a good sign.

"Elder sister Od its an honor for me to visit you. I mean, I'm honored that you visit me. I mean…" Od chuckled again.

"I'm sorry to come at such a bad time apprentice. My human slave has little to do here and I'm needed for sect duties elsewhere. I thought he could a.s.sist you and perhaps ease your stress." Od placed her hand on my head in an affectionate gesture. Atlan's eyes widened at the display and bowed immediately.

"You are no trouble Elder Sister Od. This humble daughter of the sect will use the slave to relieve her stress. I mean, lighten her load." She blinked again. "I am certain there are odd jobs around the library he can complete in order to lessen my overall workload." Altan said. A smile appeared on Od's face and I met it with one of my own. I could tell Od was found of her apprentice and I was growing found of her as well.

Od's hand left my head and I walked closer to Atlan. Like Od she towered over me nearly 8ft tall. Her chest was slightly larger than Od's. Atlan had a silky blond coat to match her equally soft blonde hair. Her body was thicker in some places than Od's though she lacked the sense of power that Od carried easily.

Remembering my manners, I bowed low as a slave should showing my collar off. "If he is to work in the library Elder Sister perhaps, he should wear a robe. I have one that should fit him in my bag of holding. It may be a little tight in some places." Atlan said. She pulled an old ink stained robe from her bag of holding and handed it to me. Our hands brushed against each other and a look of rage flashed across Atlan's face. It was subtle but the mask had already cracked.

"Take care of my slave apprentice. It would inconvenience me to acquire another one." Od said before leaving. Our eyes locked for a moment and a ghost of a smile spread across her face. Sh

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