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Hours after eating my fill an angry looking centaur with a whip in hand approached me with an ugly look on his face. I made sure not to look at his face and keep my head down. The centaur trotted around me and I felt his qi brush up against me. It was dark like Od's when it touched me it was like being hit with ice water. My body felt frozen and I couldn't react for several breaths. Then the centaur harrumphed in my direction. "You aren't qualified to weed the garden. Qi condensation of the 2nd level is the minimal requirement. I can only sense the qi of a foal in you. Scratch that even a foal has more qi than you. If it was up to me, I would take your collar off and teach you to the fifth stage and recollar you. Melchior Nimrod what do you have to say?" The centaur glowered.

"Mistress Od mentioned your name was Gantalga. She told me to ask you for a fire axe." I replied.

"Polite good, elder sister Od asked me to oversee her homestead while she is away personally. I Gantalga have never failed her." The centaur said and stomped his hoof. Then he grunted. "Fire Axes are heavy and unwieldy things. Not a problem for centaurs or mule centuars. We weigh close to a ton. You couldn't weigh more than 200lbs. You won't swing it; it will swing you. If you had any cultivation, I would teach you a Dao. Any fire Dao would do." The centaur droned on for a moment then looked thoughtful.

"There is a single Dao I could teach you. It is used by children to spark flames. A simple but reliable fire Dao. Your collar stops you from personally cultivating but cultivating fire is another story." From there Gantalga walked me through the steps of the Fire Dao, Wyrmling.

I repeated Gantalga's triangular hand sign and set my feet in a position to make use of the technique. Within the triangle of my hand the ghost of a spark appeared then vanished.

Dao Skill Discovered: Wyrmling lv1; active 1MP; +0.1INT/WIS

"Good now you just need to grow that single spark a hundred thousand-fold. Od left these for you." Gantalga presented him a bag like the one Od held. "This is your bag of holding. It's one of Od's spares. Apparently, we are out of low-level bags. It contains 5 low grade spirit stones and some medicinal pills." I could practically feel the centaur's frown.

"I'm sorry master Gantalga. I expected to be shocked or whipped. This situation is going very smoothly." Gantalga chuckled.

"Ah the gossip and rumors of the human lands. I'm sure we are painted as blood thirsty rapists and slavers. Life is hard and it has made us hard. That doesn't mean we whip slaves for obeying and trying to do what is asked of them. Its counter productive the whip a slave that wants to be productive. Besides Elder Sister Od has waved a nice fat carrot in front of your face. There is no need for the stick." I bowed low as Od had taught me and the large centaur left.

I saw a flash a mule centaur was waiting in their hidden place. She was in heat again even though he

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