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Why did Od want me to pull weeds? These weeds were monsters. They fed off the herbs in the garden to increase their cultivation. Each monster was at least twice my current BP. My BP didn't necessarily translate into attack potency. I had no clue if the Dao wyrmling would kill one of the weeds. So why choose me to pull the weeds? What did she know about me that made killing these weeds possible? What did she know about me that I didn't know about myself?

I tied a la.s.so with the silk rope and twirled it overhead.

Skill discovered: La.s.so lv1; active cost 100SP; +1DEX

Skill Discovered: Knot Mastery; pa.s.sive; +1WIS

Skill level up: mana manipulation lv10; pa.s.sive; +5INT/PER

The loop of the la.s.so caught a post, I pulled it tight, and yanked on it to ensure the knot was right. Sending some mana through the rope I loosened the loop and pulled my loop back. A smile flashed across my face as I made my way to the herb garden. I caught sight of Li Jing across the field she kept an eye on me as I made my way to the field.

I made my way swiftly to the weakest weed. It was a stalky shrub covered in thorns. It resembled the 9 Eye Blackberry bush beside it only faintly.

Spinning my la.s.so overhead, I tossed it around the bush and pulled the loop tight. The eyes of the weed turned to me in confusion. It wasn't used to being exposed. With a mighty pull the ground around it crack. The plant dug its roots deeper and wrapped its vines around the rope. Like a turn crank it began to pull me closer.

skill discovered: Drag lv1; active cost 1SP; +1STR/CON

The weed continued to twirl the rope in its vines pulling me closer as I pulled at it. I turned and dug my heels in the dirt. Barefoot, I took a step forward resisting the powerful weed. Sweat poured from my head as the weed dragged me closer.

It was a weed of the 2nd qi condensation. It was weak compared to the many powerful workers around here. To me it was a powerful monster and a test of my growing power. Every few breaths, drag leveled up and new strength fill my body. My body was growing heavier, st.u.r.dier, and more powerful. Even as I was forced to release more of the rope, I grew stronger.

The weed continued to spin its vine and spool the rope. As my strength grew the process slowed. This was the strength of a gamer. Fast and overpowering adaptation. I didn't grow from meditation and spirit pills. I grew from doing.

Hours pa.s.sed and the battle went from overwhelmingly in the weed's favor to a stalemate. My stamina was depleted, so I had to rely on my own body to see this through. My hands were torn apart from rope burns which chipped away at my health until it hit zero. My mortal body was exposed any damage inflicted upon me would be permanent. Worse my skill had soft capped at 24. I continued moving forward but the weed didn't lose any ground.

Blood seeped from my hands making the rope harder to grip. This entire adventure had been hard from the

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