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Lin Shuo and his small hunter team started trudging through the deep, old forest. At the beginning everybody still has very solemn look on them. But not long into the journey, the beautiful sceneries and their state-of-the-art weaponries made them relaxed and let down their guard gradually.

The sceneries at Outer Khingan in the summer are, indeed, very delightful. Especially in the day time, before the temperature rises.

Lin Shuo walked in the front; Wei Xingshan was okay with that.

In fact, he'd very much like to see him stumble.

Wei Xingshan carried with him the map provided by the Russians, along with a compa.s.s. It was quite obvious to him the path that they needed to take, but Lin Shuo didn't have any of these with him.

Wei Xingshan was familiar with trudging through old forests. Surely the sceneries were refres.h.i.+ng at the beginning, but an hour or so in one'd notice that everything looks the same, with no landmarks of any sort.

Up above were canopies of trees, beneath one's feet were a thick layer of leaf humus. Everywhere you look were just more trees that looked the same. One would grow numb in no time. Then all there was left was nonstop trekking uphill and downhill and endless command of more energy.

One would have to have lived here for a good eight to ten years before he'd be able to recognize the paths.

After about two hours, Wei Xingshan looked at Lin Shuo's silhouette and was confused all over again. The path that Lin Shuo was leading them was exactly the same as the best path that he had a.n.a.lyzed using both the compa.s.s and the map! During their morning meeting, all Lin Shuo did was taken a quick glance at the map!

Wasn't he living at Guangxi before? That was almost half a world away! How was he able to not get lost in this entire unfamiliar forest?

“Wait a minute!” shouted Yang Ta when Wei Xingshan was getting more and more confused by the minute.

“My professor is tired,” said Yang Ta nonchalantly while everyone was looking at him.

Everybody then turned and looked at He Zihong and, sure enough, he was turning pale and out of breathe.

“Oh, I have trained for a while prior to this. But still doesn't measure up to you younglings,” smiled He Zihong bitterly with his alpenstock and slowly leaned against a tree while holding his back. “I'm sorry, I need to take a break.”

“I should be the one apologizing. This was oversight on my part,” apologized Anne then turned and said to Lin Shuo, “Mr. Lin, can we take a short break?”

Without looking back, Lin Shuo stopped in his track and said, “Not here.”

“Why not?” asked Yang Ta as he adjusted his spectacles, his voice displeased.

Lin Shuo turned arou

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