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Drawn by the noise. Jack came running down the path.

From the shadows at the edge of the trail, Ned launched himself toward Jack in a flying tackle. Taken by surprise. Jack crashed to the ground but recovered quickly and hit Ned in the face with his elbow. Ned recoiled, and Nancy saw Jack's fingers grope at his belt for his revolver. He was lifting it when Nancy raced over and aimed a karate kick at his wrist.

Jack screamed and fell back.

"I'll hold him," Ned said breathlessly.

"Find some rope or something."

Once Jack was tied up, Ned shoved him into the cab of the truck, then walked ahead, giving hand signals, while Nancy maneuvered the truck down the trail to the road.

As they drove up to the campsite, the truck's headlights lit up a crowd gathered near the firepit. Nancy recognized Bess, Trainey, Ali- cia, Jennifer, Martin Robbins, and, to her surprise, Edith and Gerald Turkower. Nancy hopped down from the cab as the others raced to the parking area.

"Nancy," Bess cried. "Are you all right?"

"I am now." Nancy smiled and hugged her friend. Then she turned to Martin. "Richard and Piker are locked up in the back."

"And here's the man behind the whole scheme," Ned said, triumphantly pulling Jack from the cab.

"Jack Billings? I can't believe it!" Martin exclaimed.

"What's a few marmots? The park's full of them, and I could use the money," Jack said.

Gerald stepped forward and, to Nancy's astonishment, produced a pair of handcuffs.

"I'll handle him," he said.

"Edith and Gerry are agents of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department," Trainey remarked.

Bess looked startled. "What?"

"It's true." Gerald untied the rope and snapped the cuffs on Jack's wrists. "Dan called us in when the marmot traps began to disap- pear."

"Professor Trainey called you in?" Nancy repeated in surprise.

"Sure. We've been friends for years," Edith replied.

"That's why I didn't want you on the case, Nancy," Trainey explained. "I was afraid you might interfere with their investigation. Be- sides, look what happened to Brad when he tried investigating. I didn't want anyone else hurt."

Two park service cars pulled up next to the truck. Martin pushed Jack toward them. "I'll get this bunch into the cruisers."

Nancy turned to Gerald and Edith. "Your act sure fooled me," she said. "And when I overheard Professor Trainey calling you from the square dance, I was sure that he was the brains behind the poaching scheme."

Professor Trainey laughed. "That'll teach me to let my daughter drag me to dances," he said.

"I asked Dan to scout around for us today, but when we got back from Jackson a little while ago, we found out that he'd vanished."

"I'm afraid I was out of action," Trainey said, wryly. "Fortunately, Nancy was on the job."

Edith smiled. "Great detective work. Nan- cy! Did you know that there's a five thousand dollar reward for catching poachers?"

"Wow," Nancy said.

"Better sta

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