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coininfocap > Soul Land 3: Legend of the Dragon King > Chapter 1676: Illusionary Clones
to evade the lightningflames.

Jiang Zhanheng's third soul ring lit up, and his lightflames suddenly took on the shape of a sharp spear that followed Xie Xie in hot pursuit.

On this occasion, it seemed like evasion would be impossible.

However, Xie Xie's body suddenly split up into two, and at the same time, he accelerated once again, just barely evading the oncoming attack once again. At the same time, both Xie Xie's vanished in unison.

Both sides were testing each other out and displaying their respective fortes.

Jiang Zhanheng pulled his Lightningflame Spears out of the ground before raising them high above his head, following which his fifth soul ring lit up, and a dark purple ring of light erupted outward from his spears.

This was his fifth soul skill, Lightningflame Spirit Array!

The temperature on the entire first level abruptly rose drastically, and arcs of lightning began to appear within the expanding ring of light.

This was a soul skill that covered a huge area, but wasn't a directly offensive one. Instead, it could greatly increase Jiang Zhanheng's affinity with the lightning and fire elements in that area, thereby enhancing all of his other soul skills.

Furthermore, this soul skill also acted as a radar that was scouring for the hidden Xie Xie.

All of the Battle Gods were veteran combatants and had faced countless martial souls in the past, so they were always able to remain calm and formulate strategies regardless of the opponent.

However, to Jiang Zhanheng's surprise, his Lightningflame Spirit Array had already encompassed virtually the entire venue, but he still couldn't sense Xie Xie's presence.

How had he managed to do this?

Right as this thought appeared in Jiang Zhanheng's mind, he was suddenly struck by a peculiar feeling, and he immediately rushed forward while lashing out with the Lightningflame Spear in his left hand, sweeping up a vast expanse of lightningflames that surged behind him.

An illusionary Xie Xie appeared before curling up into a ball in the face of the oncoming lightningflames, quickly retreating by borrowing the propulsion force of the lightningflames.

Jiang Zhanheng's eyes immediately lit up as he prepared to give chase, but right at this moment, a sense of extreme peril welled up in his heart, and he dove forward without any hesitation.

Almost at the exact same moment, a cold streak glanced past his back.

Jiang Zhanheng was a rank 93 Titled Douluo, and at his level, he had great premonition when it came to danger. Thus, as soon as he sensed that something was wrong, he had instinctively released his soul power.

The cold streak behind him was extremely sharp and had appeared in a very abrupt manner.

Everyone could clearly see that the soul power released by Jiang Zhanheng had been sliced apart, and even though he had reacted very quickly, the cold streak had still torn through the clothes on his back.

He immediately twisted aroun

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