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coininfocap > Physician, Not A Consort > Chapter 45: Li Junyue Returns To Modern Era
"I have never cried. He left and took my heart with him. My heart has always been hollow, numb, and missing!" Empress Chen grabbed Lin Haihai's hand with sorrow in her eyes.

"Has your Emperor Father tried to find him?" After all, he was someone from the Imperial family; the emperor would not just let it be.

"We couldn't find him. Everyone said that he had no chance of surviving." Empress Chen suppressed the pain in her heart and tried to squeeze out a small smile. However, that expression actually made Lin Haihai feel even worse.

"Since they could not find the corpse, it means that there is still a chance for him to have survived. The heavens will help the good, you cannot lose hope!" Lin Haihai said bitterly. She remembered what Li Junyue said about how her family was devastated over her death, and yet she was just thinking about farming during this time. It was time for Li Junyue to make a trip back.

"I do not dare to hope, as I am afraid of the disappointment that I might face. That way, I would not even have the courage to live on!" Empress Chen sighed and said flatly.

Lin Haihai did not speak any more and looked at the charming and strange thorn apple flower in front of her. She suddenly felt that human emotions were the hardest to grasp. Despite how strong one's love was today, it could dissipate the next day! The black thorn apple flower represented a desperate love and an unpredictable death!


In the bamboo forest. Waves of green.

"Please pass this letter to my family and let them know the truth about my situation here. You can just tell them everything except the fact that I was divorced by someone!" Lin Haihai looked at Li Junyue with tears in her eyes.

"Don't cry, they will be very happy when they hear that!" Li Junyue understood her feelings but did not know what to say.

"I really want to go home, Stupid Bear. I miss my father, mother, and grandfather. I miss Yu Qing and a lot of other people!" Lin Haihai started crying. The feeling of being unable to return home was really horrible, and she had been enduring it for a long time!

Li Junyue hugged her and stroked her hair, "I know, I know. I know that it sucks, but life is just like that. We have to be strong and live on, understand?"

"Will you come back?" Lin Haihai asked very pitifully.

"My patients are all here, where else could I go?" Li Junyue said jokingly.

"There is also our farm; we have agreed to plant new species. Don't forget that, alright?"

"The most important part is that my little sister is all alone in this time and space, and I will not be assured!" Li Junyue said it half seriously while smiling.

However, Lin Haihai knew that it came from his heart. Just that their form of communication had always been loud and rowdy, and it would be strange if they suddenly said all kinds of mushy things. Li Haihai saw the care he had behind his jokes. She was very touched, and the feeling washed away the sorrow that

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