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coininfocap > Physician, Not A Consort > Chapter 46: She's Still Alive
looked at Xiao Ying standing at the side and Uncle Lin understood, saying, "Xiao Ying, could you help me to pack up a clean set of clothes and give it to the caregiver?"

"Yes, I'll go right now!" Xiao Ying moved quickly and left soon after.

"You guys have to calm down and listen to me." Li Junyue tried his best to calm them down. However, Uncle and Auntie Lin felt even more anxious after hearing his words. "You can say it, there's nothing we cannot bear." However, the tremble in their voice had betrayed them.

"Xiao'hai is not dead!" Li Junyue's words were like a bomb, causing a storm inside their hearts.

"What did you say?" Auntie Lin stood up suddenly and stared incredulously at Li Junyue.

Uncle Lin looked at Li Junyue, his heart wanting to leap out of his body from excitement. He kept quiet and kept staring at Li Junyue as if afraid to miss any of his facial expressions.

"She has transmigrated to a country that isn't recorded in history. I also transmigrated there when I went missing and met up with her," Li Junyue slowly said.

"Absurd!" Uncle Lin couldn't believe his ears. Auntie Lin just stared at Li Junyue blankly, hoping that he could show some evidence to prove his words.

"I knew you guys wouldn't believe it. But look at my way of dressing. It's from that time period. Also, this is a letter that Xiao’hai wrote for you guys. It was written with calligraphy, like caterpillar strokes!" Lin Haihai's calligraphy had always been ridiculed as 'caterpillar strokes' by her family members. Uncle Lin glared at Li Junyue. "Junyue, I know that you are coming from a good place. However, this will only make us feel more heartbroken. Do you know that you are stabbing at our wounds?" Uncle Lin lamented in pain.

Auntie Lin took the letter and slowly opened it. She let out a small cry; this was her daughter's ugly calligraphy. She couldn't see it clearly as her tears blinded her. Li Junyue took the letter and slowly read it out. "Grandpa, Daddy, and Mummy, please listen to Stupid Bear. I have really transmigrated to an unknown ancient time!" Li Junyue looked up and saw tears in Uncle Lin's eyes. He slowly calmed down and looked at Li Junyue silently. Auntie Lin begged him to continue reading.

"I've already been here for over two months and slowly gotten used to this time period. You don't have to worry. Stupid Bear told me that you were all suffering from my death, and that made me feel horrible. Haihai is unfilial, and I will never be able to kneel in front of you or be your obedient baby any longer.

But please don't be sad, I'm doing very well. Everyone here treats me really well, and I have opened my own clinic and plantation field here. Here, I have a career, friends, and patients. Surely I should be very satisfied! However, Haihai just can't let you guys go, especially Grandpa; Grandpa has a weak heart. I told him to go for a medical examination before and he still avoided the doctor. How could I be assured?

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