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Chapter 4 - Work Induction

"We’re from the same village."


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Ten o’clock at night.

The Tianhe district sparkled brightly with life as Xiang Cheng made his n-th call. Despite the relentless efforts of the phone to turn itself off, his call to the friend of the friend who his old acquaintance had introduced him to finally went through.

“Oh,” the guy on the other side said. “I’m currently serving a customer. How about you come over now, and I’ll send you the bus number and route over the phone.”

“Thanks, brother,” Xiang Cheng said.

The last bus pulled up, and Xiang Cheng squeezed on, but the huge bag on his back got stuck outside the door. He paid his fare, and the driver, with a tired expression, impatiently watched him.

There were still five or six Chaozhou people behind him who kept chattering on. Xiang Cheng thought that they were trying to hurry him up, so he could only back up as he tried to get off, but that group of Chaozhou people gestured instead for Xiang Cheng to squeeze on, and the entire group of people banded together. One, two, three, they pushed the backpack for him, and finally, with their combined efforts, they managed to shove Xiang Cheng onto the bus.

He got off the bus at theTiyu West Road, and in the spring rain, the asphalt road was covered with a slick layer of reflections as the high-class restaurants along the road shone with neon light. Xiang Cheng lifted his head from time to time as he, still carrying that backpack, came to a stop in front of a men’s health club.

“I’m looking forLi Jincai,” Xiang Cheng said to the receptionist.

The male receptionist raised an arm to stop him, not even looking at Xiang Cheng. There were quite a few luxury cars parked outside, and Xiang Cheng turned his head, only to see that on the roof of a silver-grey Audi, there were several traces of blood. He went over to take a look, swiping his finger over the dried blood, and his brow furrowed slightly.

He peered into the driver’s seat, but there was no one there.

Xiang Cheng stood at the side of the parking lot, giving Li Jincai a call. Li Jincai said, “Take the side door!”

With that, Xiang Cheng paid no more attention to that car, and smelling the mixed scents of gas and smoke, found the back alley. Li Jincai was wearing a bathrobe and slippers, and he glanced at Xiang Cheng before saying, “Come inba, how do you know little Sheng?”

“We’re from the same village,” Xiang Cheng replied.

Li Jincai wasn’t wearing anything under his bathrobe. His skin was very pale, and he had a youthful beauty about him as he brought Xiang Cheng into the resting area, asking, “You’re looking for work? Let me see your hands.”

Xiang Cheng spread open his palms to let him take a look. His hands were covered with calluses.

“That won’t do,” Li Jincai said. “Let me ask the directorba, you wait here for me.”

Li Jincai had him put his backpack dow

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