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Wake up, three, Jo! Zio nim!





“Gyeon Zio, my princess. You have to wake up.”

“I am not a princess.”

[The next station is the last stop for this train, Jukjeon, Dankook station.]

[Please double check to make sure you don’t leave behind anything when you get off.]

The mechanical sound of a door opening.

The busy steps of many people moving all at once.

Gyeon Zio opened her eyes.

She mumbled in a muffled voice.

“I am the king. How many times would you call snow white Seulgi?”

“Haha. Isn’t the prettiest girl in the class supposed to be a princess? In dad’s eyes, my daughter is the prettiest.”

“Dad, listen to me. Don’t talk as if you are a caveman from a stone age or something. Seulgi is worth watching. But Nayun isn’t any inferior to the queen, she looks just like snow white.”

“Is there a queen? But why is my daughter the king?”

“When I said I wanted it, the kids immediately gave me all their tickets.”

Gyeon Tae-song held back his laughter as he hugged his daughter in front of the stairs.

He couldn’t believe that this feisty girl was already in her third year of elementary school.

“Why do you want to be the king?

“You are the strongest when you have nothing to do. The people just take care of themselves.”

“…daughter, aren’t you being a bit too snobbish?”

Zio’s eyes became clear as she was waking up.

She looked at him, who had a sad expression on his face and took a deep breath .

“It’s effective. My mom and dad told me that since I am a bear I have to find my own way to live smartly.”


He remembered his wife who was currently watching their nine year old son and six year old youngest daughter at home.

Before getting out of the station Gyeon Tae-song took out a children’s mask.

It still felt chilly during March.

Zio, who had gotten seriously sick just a few days ago, still had a slight cold left.

“Do I have to use it? I don’t like how stuffy it feels.”

“No. Doing this is required. If Zio catches a cold again she will get scolded by mom and you won’t be allowed to go to Yong-in again.”

The father and daughter duo walked slowly along the Tancheon Stream.

Couple of jogging women smiled while passing by at the sight of the elementary school student buried in a fur hood with bear ears.

“I helped Dad.”


“I helped dad get scolded less by mother. If I come with you, grandmother will be more docile. I promised to watch Toy Story with Bambi at home.”

“Did you? Oh my. My daughter is all grown up. Thinking of her dad.”

“Why do you keep doing things you don’t enjoy? I don’t see anything good at grandmother’s house.”

Zio grumbled, kicking the floor.

Her mother cut off ties with her family even before Zio was born.

It’s because in that family it was deemed normal for a daughter to sacrifice for their sons.

She couldn’t go to college and instead worked

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