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▷Local – Korea

▷Domestic Ranker channel 1 (For Rankings 1-50)

|12| Imagination: Our Babylon is closing down on the 38th floor this week. The official letter will be sent tomorrow but please be mindful to the operation of the attack team

|39| Goldroger: Huh? Why? The tutorial period starts soon so there will be a long hiatus

|8| David: I know, I have seen it ㅋㅋㅋ Did he catch that crazy Bambi’s illness? I have been telling you to increase the number of people already, yet you keep picking minority love

|8| David: He is a real pain in the ass too, Once I know where Jo is i’m going to catch themㅋㅋㅋ Is something wrong with their family’s dam? It’s time to give up and just sit downㅋㅋㅋㅋ be a dog

|4| whitebird: It’s not ‘love’, It’s ‘elite’. It’s not ‘dam’, it’s ‘being’. It’s not ‘sit’, It’s ‘don’t’. It’s not ‘be a dog’ it’s ‘super funny’

|8| David: mourn–

|6| Late Night Snack King: Do you have to attack in such a way? I’m leaving now

|20| Renewing my public certificate: But you all saw the breaking news. I woke up to US clearing the 42nd floor. According to what I heard the rest shouldn’t take long because the scenario connects to the 44th floor. Isn’t the difference too big?;

|12| Imagination: That’s why our guild leader ran out in middle of a attack

“Do you want to see me go crazy? Ah fuck, did you hide a honey jar under a blanket or something?”


“We are a country with 4 S-ranks! Does it make sense that the 3rd largest country in the world is still suffering on the 30th floor! I can’t even raise my head in embarrassment!”

‘It really doesn’t fit me…’

Zio covered her ears with a sour expression. Gyeon Ji-rok followed her towards her room and pointed at her

The second of three siblings

Her younger brother, Gyeon Ji-rok who was born exactly 11 months after Zio was the 5th strongest ranker in Korea

He was also the 4th ‘S-rank’ to appear within Korea

Gyeon Ji-rok, who had a strong desire for victory since childhood, felt like a fish in his natural habitat once he received a ticket for the tower

He went through the tutorial like crazy. Got the interest of good deities, and also got a good placement. He was already ranked 5th

Of course, being placed S-rank didn’t immediately cause someone to get into the world rankings

A rank simply refers to a person’s ‘vessel’. The overall ranking was another matter

A person’s ability couldn’t be judged by his or her vessel alone

The abilities varied widely depending on their deity, how they met, what powers they had, and how they awakened

At the top rankings there were already a lot of AAA ranks that had exceeded the limits of their rank

They were true monsters

Thanks to this, not only was Gyeon Ji-rok ranked 5th, but Korea’s 2nd S-rank was also ranked in 8th while the third one ranked in 6th

That’s why Gyeon Zio was a super rare case

That is um…

“The only thing you do is breathe yet you keep get

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