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Chapter 1260: You Dare Rob Me?

Subsequently, that fourth princess Mo Shuang, while wearing a constipated expression, screeched with her eyes protruding in terror.

The next second, the crown prince consort’s flying kick squarely hit her in the face, and she was sent flying with a swoosh into a small stall nearby.

A huge bam was heard, freaking out the auntie who had holed up underneath the stall, forcing her to clamber out from the back.

Upon turning around, however, the auntie gazed at the sprawling fourth princess in horror.

Goodness, wasn’t this too tragic.

Blood was streaming from the fourth princess’s nose, and her eyes had gotten swollen after getting beaten by that icy stoic face, looking exactly like two walnuts hanging from her eye sockets. Her appearance was as miserable as could be.

Qiao Mu pattered up to the fourth princess Mo Shuang.

This spooked the fourth princess into shuffling backwards in terror. She reflexively shielded her face with her hands as she screeched while shaking her head, “Don’t hit. Don’t hit, don’t hit, don’t hit!”

“Who is the little witch!” Qiao Mu interrogated with a cold expression.

Not to mention the fourth princess Mo Shuang who was flabbergasted, even Mo Lian, who was walking over from the carriage, couldn’t help facepalming.

“Say it! Who is!”

As the fourth princess shakily gulped down her saliva, she observed the little lady’s stoic face before quick-wittedly replying, “Me, me. I am, I am!”

“Pfft…” While leaning against the carriage, the eldest young sir bent one leg as he propped up his chin with his hand. He sighed while shaking his head repeatedly. “How worrisome.”

After making such a commotion, it turned out that Xiao Bao, this child, had beat the other person up because she got scolded as “a little witch.”

Yet here he had naively thought that dear Xiao Bao had finally been enlightened in regards to matters of the heart and would get angry for a hottie’s sake…

Qiao Mu swept the fourth princess a glance. “Why did you barge into other people’s carriages without permission!”

“I-I…” The fourth princess looked at the little lady in bewilderment.

“Say it!” Qiao Mu hollered.

The peanut gallery: …

Why the heck did they have the impulse to laugh!

Did this freaking need to be explained? How undiscerning was this little lady to be unable to tell that this fourth princess barged into her carriage in order to seize this pretty boy, the eldest young sir of the Qin Estate.

“You’re committing robbery in broad daylight! Do I look so easy to rob?” Qiao Mu lifted her leg to kick again.

The fourth princess hastily shuffled her butt backwards as she waved her hands back and forth, shouting, “I don’t dare, I don’t dare. Don’t hit anymore, I don’t dare! I won’t rob anymore.”

Crown Prince Mo didn’t say anything anymore and was laughing on the side instead.

On the other hand, Eldest Young Sir Qin hopped down from the carriage a

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