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Chapter 1933: Wanted To Tease Her

Li Muhao rolled around on the floor in pain. In the end, it was Nen Modanni who helped him up. The two of them ran out of the hotel with their tails between their legs.

After the human trash was gone, only Xiao Yuqian and the men she didn’t know were left.

“Mister, thank you very much for just now.” Xiao Yuqian thanked him sincerely.

Ma Haodong took off his sunglasses at this time, revealing his chiseled face. When Xiao Yuqian saw this, a stunned look flashed in her eyes. She thought about how young and handsome this guy was. He looked to be around the same age as her younger brother.

“Is a simple thank you enough?” Ma Haodong didn’t know why but he suddenly wanted to tease her.

“Then… how about I treat you to a meal?”

The only way Xiao Yuqian knew how to show her thanks was to treat him to a meal.

“How about…” Ma Haodong acted like he was pondering and paused for a while. He then replied, “How about you devote your life to me?”

Xiao Yuqian: “…”

She couldn’t figure out what this guy was trying to do. She wasn’t even close to him. She didn’t even know his name. Asking her to devote her life to him the first time they met, he must be crazy!

“If you are not willing to devote your life, then how about a kiss.”

Ma Haodong opened his arms and hugged Xiao Yuqian as he spoke. He lowered his head into a posture to kiss her lips.

Xiao Yuqian saw he was really forcing a kiss on her. She basically hit his ears out of reflex and even kicked towards his crotch.

After she kicked him, she scolded, “Hooligan,” and ran away.

This was simply a classic case of biting the hand that fed you, right?

Ma Haodong pinched his legs in pain and shouted at her back. “Hey! Woman! The next time I see you, just see what I will do to you.”

He massaged his cheeks and his face was also burning from being hit. This woman was definitely a wildcat, her paws were so sharp!

Xiao Yuqian escaped from the hotel, quickly got into the car and drove away. She was really afraid the man would catch up to her and get revenge.

If the unpleasant situation just now was not considered, she was still quite thankful for the man just now for stepping up and helping her at the time she needed it the most.

When Xiao Yuqian thought about Li Muhao, she couldn’t help but feel a jolt of pain in her heart.

It was one thing to cheat, but he even shamed her in public. Such a man should be chopped up and fed to the dogs!

She could only blame herself for being blind. She actually couldn’t tell Li Muhao was such a piece of shit. She even stupidly devoted herself to him.

Forget it. She shouldn’t be thinking about Li Muhao right now. So what if they broke up!?

She wouldn’t miss such a piece of shit even one bit!

She already saw clearly that men were all unreliable. The only person she could rely on was herself.

She kept comforting herself while she was on her way. Xiao Yuq

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