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Chapter 628: Pei Yunge’s Retaliation

The moment everyone looked up, they saw an extremely beautiful girl with bright eyes leaning lazily against the railing.

She raised her arm casually, revealing a small portion of her cold white arm. She waved casually at Song Yao with a bouquet of white roses in her hand, the smile on her lips reckless.

Pei Yunge did not speak and only looked at Song Yao with narrowed eyes.

However, in the next moment, out of the corner of her eye, Pei Yunge suddenly saw big hearts on everyone’s placards.

Hence, she narrowed her pretty eyes slightly before she suddenly smirked. She bent her arm under her loose hoodie and gave Song Yao a heart signal.

Si Chengyan, who was beside her, was speechless.

Master Pei’s damned desire to win…

She did not even want to lose in terms of such arrangements.

On the other hand, the group of fangirls who were holding up the banners for Xu Xianing below the stage were inexplicably excited when they saw this scene!

Their teenage girls’ hearts skipped a beat!!!

“Damn, what kind of famous scene is this?! Isn’t this too suave?!”

Is this really the friendship between two girls? Wuwuwu, she dotes on her so much. Why is my brain filled with dirty garbage?”

“Ahhh! That young lady on the stands is so cool!”

“Little Missy is too good. You’re killing me!”


Someone in the crowd regained his senses. “Wait! Wait! This is Pei Yunge!”

Hearing this, many people who had watched “They’re Traveling” became crazily excited.

Looking at the stage…

Si Chengyan could not help saying, “Master Pei, it’s not good to blow rogue whistles in public…”

“I don’t want to either. Otherwise, Sister Yao won’t see me.”

With a hand on her head, Pei Yunge’s voice was slightly nasal.

It sounded like she was a little unwell.

At this moment.

In the front row, Titch remained silent for a long time before he poked Jasmin with his elbow. “With Teacher around, are you sure you can seduce Song Yao?”

Jasmin was speechless as well.

He didn’t expect that she would give Song Yao such a surprise.

So, was he only worthy of being single?

At this thought, Jasmin couldn’t help but look at Song Yao. Seeing Song Yao’s exquisite little face flush red, he felt that his greatest love rival might be his teacher.


How could he catch up?

Xu Xianing glared at Pei Yunge, who was in the distance, before she sneered at Song Yao. “If you’re so capable and can get a spot in the competition, why don’t you fight for one for Pei Yunge too?”

“Student Xu, you should take care of yourself.”

Song Yao smiled elegantly and calmly, her voice void of any aggressiveness. “I promised her that I would get first place if she came.”

Hearing this, Xu Xianing laughed coldly. Although she said that she was dreaming, she started to take precautions secretly.

After all, there was an individual international candidate in Song Yao

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