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The chaos in Cangxuan Heaven finally came to an end.

The battle was so fierce and involved so much that almost everyone in Cangxuan Heaven was scared witless. They originally thought the source of the chaos was the Sacred Palace, but it was only after the Sacred Palace was destroyed and Sheng Yuan was killed that they understood palace master Sheng Yuan was just a sacrifice pushed to the forefront.

But the real terror were the Sacred Race’s prime Saints and the Sacred God’s incarnate.

Fortunately, they defended Cangxuan Heaven after several battles. Also, the newly-appointed Heaven Master of Cangxuan Heaven, Zhou Yuan, entered the hearts of countless people in Cangxuan Heaven.

Zhou Yuan’s prestige in Cangxuan Heaven could undoubtedly be said to have reached its peak.

Moreover, perhaps because Cangxuan Heaven was ranked at the bottom of all-heavens for too many years and that a Saint and Heaven Master hadn’t appeared in Cangxuan Heaven in many years after the death of old ancestor Cang Xuan, many people in Cangxuan Heaven felt unsafe and insecure.

That feeling of insecurity grew even stronger in the past few years when the Sacred Race became increasingly threatening.

Everyone knew how fragile and weak a heaven without the protection of a Heaven Master would be when a war between all-heavens and the Sacred Race breaks out.

It was because of all those reasons that they were so ecstatic that Zhou Yuan appeared suddenly. He was the last hope of Cangxuan Heaven.

Not only them, even sect master Qing Yang, Heaven Sword Sovereign and other sect masters had the same thought. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have objected to disbanding the Cangxuan Alliance after the war ended.

Cangxuan Heaven very rarely gave birth to such an influential person and they had cling to him after much difficulty, how would they so easily dissociate themselves from that relationship?

So due to those aforementioned reasons, Zhou Yuan could be said to be the well-deserved face of the entire Cangxuan Heaven.


The Great Zhou City. The imperial palace.

In the garden.

Zhou Yuan was resting on a chair, bathing in the warm sunlight. That relaxing feeling felt incredibly comfortable.

Although his eyes were closed, the scene around the stone pavilion was clearly shown in his mind.

His mother, Qin Yu, was holding Yaoyao’s little hand with a kind and wide smile. She constantly whispered and chuckled out loud, and her eyes were filled with content as she gazed at yaoyao.

While the two were chatting, Qin Yu mentioned a lot of Zhou Yuan’s embarrassing moments when he was a child. But Yaoyao was still as cold and detached as when she was at the palace. However, occasionally, a slight smiling expression would come to her eyes when she heard something amusing.

But Qin Yu didn't feel she was rude. Even though she wasn’t aware of Yaoyao’s true identity, she was already very fond of her when Zhou Yuan brought Yaoyao to the

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